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Vertebrae Bend Restrictors

yellow vertebrae bend restrictors

Subsea Polyurethane Vertebrae Bend Restrictors

A vertebrae bend restrictor (VBR) is used in the offshore industry as a way of ensuring that the minimum bend radius of a particular item is protected from forces exerted during installation and operation.  In the early years of offshore drilling, a subsea vertebrae bend restrictor was full metallic and the weights were staggering.  With the development of high-performance urethanes, subsea VBR strings are almost neutrally buoyant.  Using polyurethane material allows us to blend the qualities of steel, plastic, and rubber into one material to make superior subsea vertebrae bend restrictors. 

Whitefield Plastics offers the cutting edge in VBR technology.  Combining lightweight, field-proven, and high-strength materials, the new generation bend restrictor leverages mechanical properties for maximum performance. Cathodic protection for VBR systems or requirements for corrosion-resistant metal hardware is outdated. Our boltless VBR system contains zero metallic components from the termination to the end cap. This innovative and patented design provides the following benefits: 

  • Greatly reduced part count
  • Reduced weight both in air and in water
  • Increased strength
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Proven materials for the harshest environments

Contact Whitefield Plastics to have our engineering team optimize a design to meet your specific needs for vertebrae bend restrictors. 

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