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Bend Stiffener

Bend Stiffeners

Bend Stiffeners

Whitefield Plastic's non-metallic subsea bend stiffener restrictors (BSR) are designed with the customer’s specifications in mind. Depending on static or dynamic surface or subsea, Whitefield Plastics will design in-house the BSRs you need.

What are Subsea Bend Stiffeners?

Non-metallic subsea bend stiffeners are used by the offshore energy industry, both wind, and petroleum, to prevent over-bending of umbilicals and cables at the point of termination. This protection is engineered into each design by creating a gradual increase in stiffness from the tip of the stiffener to the base and therefore guaranteeing the umbilical or cable being protected does not exceed its minimum bend radius. These devices vary greatly in length and weight, with Whitefield Plastics providing assemblies as small as 8 inches per one pound and as large as 15 feet per 1600 pounds.

Bend Stiffener Technology & Benefits

Whitefield Plastics has continued to build on its proven bend stiffener technology by designing and deploying completely non-metallic bend stiffener systems that incorporate a patented hose separation and retention system. This new technology has proven to have the following benefits over the more traditional steel termination with epoxy potting:

  • Reduced weight
  • No need for cathodic protection due to no steel content
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Precise location and separation of individual hoses
  • Reduced levels of required documentation due to no steel content

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