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Abrasion Resistance

Polyurethane Abrasion

Polyurethane Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistant polyurethane is a performance attribute of polyurethanes that has resulted in its use in many applications that experience high wear.  Examples range from high pressure seals to liners used in slurry applications.

Sliding abrasion

Sliding abrasion occurs when one surface slides over another (two body) or two surfaces separated by dry particles or slurry (three body) slide past each other. In either case, small tears are created in the surfaces of the materials. Polyurethanes, with high tear strength and low coefficient of friction, reduces the wear created by these forces.

Impingement and slurry abrasion

Impingement and slurry abrasion occur when abrasive materials impact a surface. Depending on the velocity and angle of impact, small pieces of the surface are torn off.  Polyurethanes with high resilience are selected in these application since they will absorb the impact energy and then recover with little or no damage to the surface of the material.

Advancement in abrasion resistance technology

Material technology concerning abrasion resistance is a rapidly advancing specialty. The research and development team at Whitefield Plastics has identified and developed materials, compounds, and techniques that greatly improve abrasion performance in the toughest applications.  Among them are:

  • HIGH TEMPERATURE (300F) materials displaying superior performance in both sliding and impingement
  • FILLED MATERIALS that resist cutting associated with high loads
  • CUSTOM FORMULATIONS that use innovative chemistry and processes to enhance desired properties