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Steel Replacements

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Non-Metallic Steel Replacements

The use of metals both, bolted, and welded connections have been the most common design detail used to attach, connect, join, or interface components in mechanical systems for over 200 years. This non-metallic connection system method of design is easy to use and is a proven performer but comes with inherent limitations. 


  • Weight
  • Corrosion
  • High piece count (nuts, bolt, washers)
  • Specialized assembly tools
  • Special coatings and lubricants
  • Sparking
  • High localized stress
  • Slow assembly time
  • Easy to damage (Impact)
  • Welding (Equipment/Training)
  • Material test reports
  • Inspection requirements

eliminate the need for metals and metallic connections systems

The engineering and research/development sections at Whitefield Plastics have pioneered unique combinations of materials and design that, in many cases, can completely eliminate the need for metals and metallic connections systems.  These systems typically eliminate the limitations of metal while performing equally well.  All of the designs are extensively tested and analyzed as part of the development process. Some examples of these designs included the following proven performers.

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