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Dock-To-Stock Program

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materials ready for transportation by dock to stock method

Dock-To-Stock Direct Shipping

Let Whitefield Plastics take the cost and stress out of managing logistics planning, material handling, quality inspection, and transportation by partnering with WPC to implement a Dock-To-Stock program for your final products. Dock-to-Stock is a receiving method whereby finished goods/products are delivered directly to your point of use streamlining the normal receiving inspection process.  

Direct ship urethane products and optimize your product delivery time, reduce handling costs, and reduce delay resulting from multiple handling steps when you implement a Dock-To-Stock program. Simply provide WPC with specific product destinations and quality specifications and let us do the work.

Dock-To-Stock programs will reduce handling, inspection costs and can reduce the overall delivery time of your finished products by hours, days and weeks in some cases. (Depending on the logistics bypassed if shipping to a warehouse, distributor or product handler).

Some of the benefits of Dock-To-Stock programs include:

  • Lower cost of overall transportation through direct movement of goods to end user.
  • Reduced costs of handling by eliminating multiple warehouse, distribution, inspection and/or transfer points
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Reduces unnecessary inventory warehousing
  • Drives down inventory costs
  • Shifts the burden of quality directly to the supplier
  • Eliminates inspection time
  • Enables quicker delivery lead time to end user

Partnering with a trusted manufacturer and supplier such as Whitefield Plastics for your Dock-To-Stock program will ensure quality product arrives at the desired destination, enabling you flexibility within your Receiving and Supply Chain processes.