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About Us

Whitefield Plastics Corporation has been continuously operating since 1961 as a premier molder of castable urethane products.

We are proud of the relationships that have been developed with some of the energy industry’s largest Service Companies and OEMs (which may purchase thousands of parts), as well as our commitment to independent, family owned and operated businesses that may purchase one custom part that meets their needs.

Examples of our most frequently produced products include the following:

  • Vertebrae Bend Restrictors
  • Riser and Line Clamps
  • Marine Growth Covers
  • Sealing Elements and Seals
  • Packers
  • Wheels
  • Dynamic and Static Bend Stiffeners
  • Custom Rollers
  • Cable Protection
  • Centralizers
  • Bumpers,Protectors and Pads
  • Other Custom Urethane Solutions

Whitefield Plastics Corporation is committed to enhancing our customers’ loyalty by supplying products that meet or exceed their requirements of fitness for use, performance, safety, and reliability.